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To familiarize ourselves with your needs, we have a few questions for you to answer. Upon receipt, we will call to further discuss.

Transportation Inquiry

1. Transporting via (20'/40') Steamship Containers and/or (45'/48') Rail Piggyback Trailers?

  • Please provide us with some detailed information on the nature of this pick-up/delivery: origin/destination, the number of the containers/piggyback trailers to be picked up, the size of the container (20' or 40'), and whether the pick-up/delivery will be a load to deliver and then return empty, or an empty container/trailer pick-up for delivery and return a load. Also, how long will shipping/receiving take to load/unload, are appointments required, will the delivery be a driver stay-with while loading/unloading or, driver drop, bobtail away, and return later to pick up load/empty.
  • Please provide us with some detailed information regarding the nature of the commodity being delivered and parties involved. Commodity description, the cargo weight, packaging, number of pallets or pieces, name of railramp or steamship line, whether a chassis must be supplied & positioned for the pick-up, and name of any other third party logistics companies, ie. custom house brokers, freight forwarders, consolidators, or steamship companies. Also, who will be the billing party?

2. Transporting via Van/Flatbed - Break-bulk Cargo - Truckload Hauling - Local or Long Haul Pick-up and Delivery?

  • Please detail the pick-up origin/delivery destination, the type and the size of the trailer (48' or 53') to be utilized.

  • Please detail the commodity information, description, the dimensions and weight, the amount of pallets/pieces and the contact parties names/telephone numbers's, e-mail addresses at origin and destination. Also, who will be the billing party?

Warehousing Inquiry

  • Commodity: Please provide us with some detailed information on the commodity to be warehoused, including the product, the amount of truckloads/containers to be received (per day, week or per month), the amount of pallets/units per load, the total volume to be warehoused, and the estimated square footage to be utlized month to month. Also, regular storage area or "In Bond" storage area required?
  • Storage: Please provide information regarding storage location (inside or outside), storage space required (per sq. ft.), temperature contolled, rack storage, dimensions of pallets/units, length of time to be stored, stackability of pallets/units/bundles, number of sku's, and/or grades within the sku's, withdrawal procedure, inventory turns & replenishment process per year.
  • Handling: Please provide us with some detailed information as to the handling requirements, including, any special handling issues, (order picking for outbound shipments, special packaging, painting-branding bundles, marking cases, etc), handling equipment to be used - crane/forklift -lifting capacity required, forklifts with standard blades, roll clamp, slip-sheet attachment and any handling accessorials needed (cherry picker. coil handler, long blades, pallet jack, etc).

Please print off, complete and fax back our credit application once you've submitted your form.

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