Locust Industries Limited provides warehousing and distribution to support supply chain warehousing and management solutions. We service small to medium sized businesses, large corporations and global organizations. Our warehousing and distribution operations feature modern and diverse facilities, equipment, and capabilities affording you flexibility in storing your products.

Our warehousing and distribution services provide customers with short-term or long-term options that often provide substantial cost savings over clients investing in their own facilities, labor, and management. We can provide:

  • Bulk Storage
  • Seasonal Overflow
  • Order Fulfillment Programs
  • Staging & Sequencing
  • Cross-Docking Services
  • Packaging/Repackaging
  • Label Application/Removal
  • Weighing, Measuring, and Sampling
  • Bagging Facilities
  • Heavy Lift Capability

Locust Industries Limited also provides services for trans-loading, palletizing, stretch wrapping, blocking and bracing.

Our warehousing facilities offer you:
  • Secure Location
    • Motion
    • Sound
    • Heat sensor
  • Full lighting throughout location
  • Outside lighting
  • Import & export container loading and unloading
  • Logistic accommodations for crane service
  • Logistic accommodations for rail service

We have the versatility to handle major commodities like:

  • Building And Roofing Materials; Gypsum Board
  • Domestic Auto Parts (Palletized)
  • Import and Domestic Canned Goods (Non-Perishable)
  • Power Generating Parts/Graphite Electrodes
  • Import/Domestic Steel Coils
  • Import Large Tool Making Machinery (Heavy Lift)
  • Import-Export Paper Rolls & Newsprint
  • Import Rolled Fabric
  • Import Wood Veneer
  • Non-Hazardous Chemicals
  • Domestic and Import Lumber and Plywood; Export Bundled Lumber