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Administrative Positions

Accounts Payable and Receivable - Good working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel. Proficient with Great Plains Accounting Software. The ideal person for these positions needs to be a multi-tasker. Training can be provided for the right person.

Administrative Position

Warehouse Shipping and Receiving - Good working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel. Must have previous experience in warehousing atmosphere. The ideal person for this job needs excellent communication skills and is a multi-tasker.

Administrative Position

General Order, Bonded Warehouse and Consolidated Freight Station Administrator - This must person must have experience in Bonded Warehouse requirements. Good working knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Word. Knowledge of U.S. Customs Regulations and the Import and Export fields a plus. This person must also have forklift skills, excellent communication skills and is a self starter who is able to multi-task. Clean background required.

Forklift Operator

Experience on all types of equipment a plus. Certification a plus. Must have 1 year in warehouse atmosphere. Background must be clean.

Lead Dispatcher

This person must have at least 2 years experience in the dispatching field. Must have knowledge of the Port of Baltimore. Experience in pier and rail loads a must. Working knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Word a must. Must be knowledgeable in all DOT requirements concerning personnel and equipment. Must be an excellent communicator and is able to multi-task.

Dispatch Assistant

Must have Microsoft Excel and Word experience. Must have knowledge of the Port of Baltimore. Previous pier experience a plus. This person must also have excellent communication skills.

CDL Drivers

This person must have clean DMV record and at least 2 years experience. Experience working the piers and the rail yard is a plus. Container, Van and Flatbed ( tarping) experience is required.


Excellent Microsoft Excel and Word skills a must. Excellent communication and typing skills required.

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