About us

Locust Industries Limited was founded in 1971 by Robert McIntyre Connor, Sr. who had a stellar reputation in the logistics industry and a traditional American work ethic. He believed in working hard to provide personalized service to each and every customer. This approach has enabled the company to retain almost every customer, since inception.

His son, Robert M. Connor, Jr. (aka Bob) began working in the company warehouse, moving pallets and driving trucks. Since then, Bob held every position in the company and learned every nuance and detail necessary to take over as President in the 90s. He continues to oversee daily operations and drive the expectation for hands-on, personalized customer service.

Locust Industries Limited offers flexibility and cost-effective operations from modern buildings, new equipment, and the latest computerized systems to serve businesses and meet client needs for years to come.

What we can offer


Our warehousing operations feature modern and diverse facilities, equipment, and capabilities affording you flexibility in storing your products.


Our distribution services provide customers with short-term or long-term options that often provide substantial cost savings over clients investing in their own facilities, labor, and management.


Locust Industries, Ltd provides a wide variety of warehouse-based logistics services to help move products to the areas they are required.